About Us


Alltrade International Limited is a premium manufacturer committed to designing and producing superior-quality home-use fitness equipment. For 45 years, Alltrade International Limited has been dedicated to creating fitness solutions that benefit exercisers.

Fitness has changed drastically over the last few decades, and Alltrade International Limited has evolved with it. Countless fads have come and gone, but Alltrade International Limited has endured to encourage people to lead active lives.

We believe good health is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities and forward progress. That’s why we have aimed to promote a healthier lifestyle by helping our customers maximize their profits and efficiency.

Our high customer satisfaction comes from the very best support and service from our experienced staff.

Locations and facilities

Headquarter, sales department and production facility (1974) – Zhanghua County, Taiwan
Production facility and engineering management (2002) – transferred to Xiamen, China
Expanded international sales team (2009) – Taichung City, Taiwan
2nd production facility (2018) – Xiamen, China

Knowing the importance of practicing what we preach, Alltrade International Limited aims to develop the everlasting fitness solutions that get the world moving. Our culture revolves around what our products stand for – active and healthy living.

Get to Know Us

Deepening Partnership

We always regard our collaborated manufacturers and customers as our business partners, and intergrowth, co-prosperity with them together. Look through the back, we’ve earned the recognition from our upstream, downstream industry by this attitude, and owned our current success;Look into the future, we will keep close to our partners and growing together for a brilliant future.

Focus on what we do best

We believe a successful company is to focus on what they do best. Also, continue to create irreplaceable value in the industry chain. To face this ever-changing business environment, only by focusing on the own profession can insight into industry changes and timely response to various conditions.

Alltrade International Limited insist to focus on our high technic fitness products, in order to provide the best service to our partners.

Pursue the continuous improvement to reach perfection

Pursuing the continuous improvement is our policy. We believe there is always a room to improved. Every of us keep outdid ourselves for being a better person.

We’ll do our best to do things, to reflect ourselves, also to pursuing the greatest achievement.

Management Principle

1. Sincerity and honesty.
2. Seek truth from facts.
3. Develop worldwide market, international management, enhance global vision, and connect with the world.
4. Focus on long-term strategy and pursue sustainable management.
5. Treat customers as our business partner and establish strong partnership with them, in order to create and maintain mutual growth of business.
6. The principle of service is to meet customers’ satisfaction and to provide excellent quality of product.
7. Encourage innovation in all aspects to ensure good vitality and flexibility of company organization.
8. Create a challenging, fun, and interactive work environment.
9. Inspire and guide employees according to their characteristics and specialty, thus improving the core competitiveness of the organization.
10. In response to the rapid changes of the world, we commit the concept of “not only good, but exceed good”. This concept drives and improves our business performance and to achieve the goal of “sustainable management”.

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Machinery/Production Process

We offer integrated processing in-house -- from design, assembling, production and final packaging.

R & D Staff

Our team creates new products to meet and exceed market's needs and customer's specifications. To achieve this, emphasis is given on the product's function, material, quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Primary Competitive Advantages

Experienced R&D Department / OEM Capability / Production Capacity / Large Product Line / Reliability .